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2020 was a strange year, especially so for Hospitality. Many businesses have closed, some temporarily, some permanently. Staff have been put on furlough and told not to leave their houses and we have all had to adapt several times to the confusing messaging and rules imposed on us.

On the bright side, it has given many people in one of the most creative industries, extra time. Not being able to spend it with friends has led to a wonderful explosion of creativity and online communities. But it all seems very much like the industry we work in, a lot of moving parts that don’t always connect as they should.

We want to change that and we plan on starting with this Blog.

Working in hospitality

We want to share with you what it is like to work in the industry – what is a Baristas day really like, what does your GM really do when they are in the office? We want to encourage people into the industry, to help people move up the ladder but also to make sure that they are being treated fairly by painting a picture of what the job is really like as a comparison.

Systems and Processes

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of moving parts in any hospitality industry and they are held together through systems and processes. When it comes to systems, processes and the beloved SOP, we think that knowing what to do and actually doing it consistently are two very different things.

Knowing what to do requires scouring the internet for the right information and a healthy dose of common sense, actually doing what you know you need to – that is the truly hard part. So we want to make it easier for you, we want to give you examples of the systems we have seen used over the years and share the actual documents with you too.

Venue Visits

We love going to coffee shops, pubs, restaurants and when we can, hotels. It is the experience and memories created on these trips with friends, families and loved ones that are so valued. We are no different and want to share our experiences in the places we visit. We want to celebrate the unsung heroes of the industry, tell you about the hidden menu or that special coffee that was just wow…and we want you to share it too. If you want to tell us about a place you have been to or even write your own review, get in contact. We’d love for you to be part of the team too.

News, Trends & Opinions

So much happens every week in hospitality and we want to try and bring you a weekly round-up of the biggest stories. Everything from product launches, policy changes, new trends and also our opinions. Again, if you want to share some news or a new product you are launching or even one you just discovered, let us know.

Bringing us together

There is a lot more to come from WorkFair. We want to bring the hospitality industry together and help people Connect with one another, to Learn and Develop in the industry and to help them enjoy the Work they do.

WorkFair was started by people like you and we want you to be as much a part of it too.

Tell us what you would like to hear more of, share something with us or get in touch if you want to be part of the WorkFair team.

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